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Learn How Papercut Can Help You

Papercut print and copy control software

PaperCut NG provides organisations with the technology to control the use of network printing. You may choose to implement PaperCut NG with different monitoring models. These range from silent monitoring, to quota enforcement, to charging on a user-pays model. PaperCut NG integrates with your network's existing print servers to instantly enable real-time monitoring, quota control, activity reports and flexible administration. PaperCut makes end-users responsible for their own activity and ensures network resources are used in a sensible manner.

The implementation of a solution reduces paper and toner waste, cuts costs, reduces the impact of your organisations paper output on the environment and makes both end-users, be they users or staff, and departments more accountable. PaperCut NG provides access to detailed reports that illustrate the environmental impact of your organisations paper output and allow you to make the correct policy and purchasing decisions. PaperCut NG provides genuine cross-platform support and can operate in most networking environments including those that use Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RM or LDAP for authentication with options to utilise Windows, Novell Open Enterprise (OES), Mac and Linux print servers with full pop-up messaging support on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix clients.

Product Benefits

  • Allows you to track printing from virtually any printer ensuring that all paper output in your organisation is transparent and totally measurable.
  • Keeps your end-users well informed about their print activities through its end-user web portal and pop-up messages that offer the same functionality regardless of whether people are using Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX clients.
  • Includes an optional system of user balances allowing your organisation to control and limit the amount of printing users can perform, reducing waste and dramatically cutting costs.
  • Fits right in with your existing networking infrastructure through its support for Windows, Mac and Linux servers, including Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES), eliminating the need to implement Windows print servers in non-Microsoft environments unless required.
  • Reduces paper output waste and helps ensure that the appropriate print device is used assisting your organisation to meet its environmental obligations central to todays green agenda.
  • Monitors the printing of every user on your network ensuring that all users are fully accountable for their actions.
  • Includes web printing which allows users to print from laptops, iPads, PDAs and smart phones via your wireless network without the need to install software or printer drivers. This ensures a standard service for all of your users.
  • Offers an online payment module that allows credit and debit cards or even PayPal accounts to be utilised reducing the dependence on cash, which in turn reduces staff involvement with cash collection and security.
  • Includes rules that can be implemented to cancel or restrict jobs that are sent to inappropriate print devices, regulating the print process and helping to cut costs.
  • Can discover, track and control any locally installed printers reigning in spending in an area that is notoriously difficult to monitor and control. Unlike other solutions this functionality is included as standard.

What version is right for me?

PaperCut is available in two key versions. PaperCut NG provides a fully featured print management solution, while PaperCut MF provides support for value loaders that automate cash payments and web-payment and includes comprehensive copier and MFD-control. See our  comparison guide in PDF format.

Why PaperCut?

  • Very simple to install, use and support
  • Feature rich and regularly updated modern software
  • A complete solution developed by one single development team
  • No expensive add-on modules developed by multiple 3rd parties
  • Simple pricing
  • Multi-platform support
  • Hundreds of reference sites


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