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Cashless Catering System

Next Generation Solution

EventPOS will

  • Improve the user experience
  • Reduce queuing
  • Improve reporting

Eventpos cashless catering web application. Desktop and mobile devices

Schools / Colleges

  • Minimise cash handling
  • Maximise customer throughput
  • Built in FSM/Bursary function
  • Comprehensive range of reports

Parents / Carers

  • Manage meal payments
  • On Line top ups at any time
  • Low balance reminders
  • See “meals bought” history

Students / Learners

  • Fast lunch service
  • Discrete FSM payments
  • No need to bring cash to the till
  • Option to load money at a kiosk




Eventpos cashless catering web application logo

Reducing cash handling is a major benefit as it speeds up service, reduces queueing and improves accountability.

Free Student Meal (FSM) and other bursaries are delivered discretely, therefore reducing any perceived stigma and reaching the target audience more effectively.

Although this is cashless catering, many installations do retain a cash capability to make the system as flexible and useful as possible.

The system also accepts contactless and contact bank cards linked seamlessly to WorldPay PDQs.

WhyEventPOS logo?

Integration with many e-payment services

Customers purchase goods from the till by using their contactless ID card, just like a debit card.

Customers purchase goods at the EPOS station using their card just like they would with a bankers or credit card.

Cashless Catering Purses can be topped up automatically for supplements such as FSM and bursary entitlements and manually via an EPOS station, a top-up kiosk, a back office computer or via an online payment gateway.

Eventpos login page in TPV device

There is no need for a dedicated PC to manage the system. The management console can be viewed from any browser based device with the appropriate user authentication.

  • Let our colour coded tills reflect your brand.
  • Cut the cords and go wireless with fully functional EPOS tablets.
  • Check catering and print account balances with dual purpose enquiry units.
RFID and fingerprint readers

Identify customers quickly at the tills using 3 different technologies:

  • Smart proximity card.
  • Biometric fingerprint.
  • PIN number pad.
  • Rapid search for users without ID.

EventPOS will display the customer name, photograph and available funds for spending at that time.

RFID and fingerprint readersRFID and fingerprint readers

The system can accept cash, purse, hospitality and credit/debit card payments

The system links seamlessly with the WorldPay PDQ terminal so that credit cards and contactless payments can be made quickly without the need to key in the value.


A wide range of reports are included in the EventPOS control panel, but if you would like a customised report - just ask! There's no additional charge as long as you're on contract with us

New reports are being added all the time so check with us regularly

With cashless catering you get to see everything as it happens.

Discover trends, the peaks and troughs, know when and how to scale your resources.

Growth is good for everyone.

By making the system faster you reduce queues and improve your service.

With our end of day reports it is easy to reconcile all types of payment.

View the "live" status of your system at any time simply using a web browser.


EventPOS integrates seamlessly to most MIS databases

EventPOS integrates seamlessly to most MIS's. Say goodbye to duplication of data entry. With our powerful API we can provision data into many other systems.

Bring all of your electronic systems together so that you only have to manage the source of the data and let the system automate changes, admissions and year ends.

Allow customers to top up using their PCs, tablets and mobile phones by adding WisePay, WPM or ParentPay.

These popular payment portals take all the hassle away, so your customers can top up their accounts easily from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Large Touch Screen Kiosk - 2m Tall

55 inches standing ekiosk

A large user-friendly kiosk for pre-ordering meals

Designed to reduce queuing by allowing students to pre-order their breakfast or lunch using their ID card to open their account.

An order number is allocated and the meal can be collected at a designated collection point at the desired time.

This takes the pressure off of the EPoS till points and reduces queuing. Available soon. Enquire for demonstration or meeting.

Top up Catering and PaperCut Purses with a Single Wall-Mounted Kiosk

The kiosk accepts coin and note payments providing users with an easy way to add credit to their catering and PaperCut purses in one place.

Wall-Mounted Kiosk Features

  • Blue LED Edge Lights
  • HID Mifare Reader
  • Solid State Drive
  • Linux O/S
  • 2 Security Locks
  • New Polymer £5 Note Ready
  • 7” Touch Screen Display
  • Accepts 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 coins
  • £5, £10 & £20 Notes
  • Illuminated Sign
Wall-mounted kiosk


  • Manage meal payments
  • Top-Ups can be made any time
  • Transparent reporting of purchasing
  • Low balance reminders


  • 240VAC 13Amp Spur or Socket
  • Single Network Connection

Check Catering and PaperCut Balances with an Enquiry Unit

The Enquiry Unit provides a fast and convenient way for users to quickly check their catering and PaperCut balances at any time.

Enquiry Unit Features

  • Power and data via POE
  • 7” Touch Screen Display
  • HID Mifare Reader
  • Solid State Drive
  • Linux O/S
  • 75mm & 100mm VESA Mount
  • Single gang Wall Box Mount
  • Double gang Wall Box Mount
  • Standard Wall Mount
Wall-mounted kiosk


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