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Cashless Catering System

For Primary, Secondary and FHE

Our Cashless Catering solution is called EventPOS. The main markets we serve are Schools & Academies, FE Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges and Universities.

Our system is able to deal with free school meals, free college meals, daily bursaries, weekly bursaries and even monthly bursaries. We are able to create new purses or bursaries for individual customers as required. Our system is extremely flexible and adaptable. In most installations, the free meal allocation is brought through daily, automatically from MIS to save staff time and to keep the system up to date.

Our system is ideally suited for educational establishments and local authorities. It has been designed for this sector and has pertinent features such as free school meal entitlement, self-service cash loading, links to online cash loading and healthy eating reports.

The system deals discreetly with free school meal allocation and other bursaries as required. Nobody needs to know which learners are in receipt of a free meal or other bursary. Those learners having free school meals can still top up their own cards with their own cash and make additional purchases as required. There is a hospitality purse available for staff to look after visitors to the establishment. There is also a departmental purse provision.

We are able to link with several of the major on-line payment solutions, but our preference is to link to WisePay.

Our system can incorporate card issuance linked to MIS. This means that cards are generated and recorded centrally so that no typing or entry of data is needed. This speeds up the whole process and makes our solution scalable and able to cope with very large installations such as universities and large FE colleges.