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BlueOcean BO-790A Ultra Low Lithium Volume Fogger

BlueOcean BO-790A Ultra Low Lithium Volume Fogger Our Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer is designed to allow the professional to cover up to 21,500 square feet on a single tank of fluid (coverage per tank is determined by internal testing using flow rate and particle size). In addition, it is designed to save time and labour, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces. Our Sprayers’ patented technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. Double-charged particles envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath. Core lithium battery Tank capacity: 10L Working Times: 3.5hours Effective Range: 12-14m Particle Size: 10-50um”” Total Weight: 7.8kg. Light and quick Dimensions: 600*200*680 Multi-Factional Imported Ceramic Spray head, can be switched at will, ultra-low, can be used both indoor and outdoor.
Pack quantity:1
MSRP: £2599.00
Part No: IDXBO790A