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Facial Recognition Biometric Upgrade for EventPOS


Facial Recognition Biometric Upgrade for EventPOS allowing truly contactless transactions at EPOS tills.

Adhere to social distancing measures by automating your system with facial recognition. No need to present a card or biometric thumb/fingerprint at point of sale anymore, customers just wait in line and the system recognises them and adds them to the queue on the till screen. This is safer for all concerned, faster and more convenient.

There are no data security issues to worry about as the system does not record an actual photograph, but simply records all the measurements of faces and hashes them through an algorithm. In other words it stores a big long number per person. The number cannot be used for any other purpose or reverse engineered to show a face.

The data is encrypted and stored on college servers, on site, not in the cloud. The system conforms to GDPR and Data Protection / Equality Act legislation.

Students can register their faces quickly and easily by going to one of the PCs in reception and presenting their ID card. The system will guide you through scanning your face at different angles and tell you when you are ready to use the system! It’s very simple and only takes 2 minutes to do.

Pack quantity:1
MSRP: £2200.00