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Suprema   Live Scanners

For all your identification and access control needs

Suprema Inc. is a leading global provider of biometrics technology and identity management solutions in biometrics and security. The company’s range of products includes fingerprint modules, biometric access control systems, e-passport readers and live-scanners. Suprema’s solutions are featured by integration of the excellent embedded system design capability and the strong backgrounds in theories and algorithms backed by a number of experts having the rich experience and extensive knowledge in the field of biometric solutions, embedded system design and signal processing.


  • Compact and portable all-in-one live scanner for single finger flats, rolls and four finger slaps
  • Rugged IP54 dust and waterproof form factor
  • FBI certification for civil ID and AFIS applications
  • FIPS 201 Certified
  • Fast and easy capture of wet and dry fingers
  • Fingerprint quality, sequence, slippage checks and automatic segmentation
  • Complete compliance to IDENT and DHS requirements


  • FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F Certification
  • Advanced Rolled Image Construction Technology (ARIC)
  • Powerful Internal DSP
  • Simple & Easy Operation
  • Extra wide platen for easier capturing
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fast Start-up Time


  • FBI PIV-IQS certication for civil ID & AFIS
  • FIPS 201 Certified
  • Hybrid live finger detection (LFD) technology
  • IP54 rated dust and water protection design
  • Integrated LED indicator
  • USB2.0 data & power
  • 1.0 inch wide solid and scratch-free platen
  • Slim and compact form factor
  • Easy-to-mount design for desktops and kiosks


  • FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F Certification
  • Advanced Rolled Image Construction Technology (ARIC)
  • Powerful Internal DSP
  • Intuitive Control Panel and Color LCD Display
  • 5.2” Extra Wide Platen for Easier Capturing
  • Ergonomic Design & Construction


  • As the quality of a recognition algorithm plays a key role for the success of a fingerprint product, Suprema’s No. 1 winning algorithm in a worldwide fingerprint verification competition (FVC) can present its customers with guaranteed performance and reliability.
  • One of Suprema’s strengths is wide flexibility which comes from various choices of sensors and highly qualified capability for customization works. Suprema can offer its customers wide-open ways so that they can find out the tailor-made solutions for their applications.
  • Selling a product means the beginning of the long term relations with a customer. Suprema provides various ways of customer support to the end of customer’s success. One day technical support service is Suprema’s pride that must have never been experienced before.